Session 10
Shot Heard Around the World Part 5

After hours of philosophical debate as the heroes journeyed down the tunnels they came across a Gremlin whose presence announced that soon there would be danger. The heroes readied themselves and proceeded forward. Soon they discovered that rather than enemies ahead they faced an obstacle course of snares and pit traps.

After wading through the blades, flames, and pits the heroes came upon a room dedicated to Zolath Zerum. The heroes took refuge in the saint’s temple and began healing up for the next leg of their journey.

To the heroes supprise the obstacle course of bizarre and lethal traps seemed to end at a T intersection. As the heroes investigated they found evidence of vampire feeding and rooms filled with ancient relics. And decided to push on and chart the rest of the area before exiting. To the heroes supprise the obstacle course of bizarre and lethal traps seemed to end at a T intersection. As the heroes investigated they found evidence of vampire feeding and rooms filled with ancient relics. And decided to push on and chart the rest of the area before exiting.

This decision proved fatal as the heroes made their way across a long deadly pit trap by jumping across swinging bladed pendulums. The only two to make it across were Azlia and Ziona who both had to enter the room at the far side as there was not enough room for more than one person to stand in front of the door at a time without falling into the pit.

The rest of the party could hear battle being joined on the other side of the door and did their best to make their way across the pit trap by crawling along the bottom. Upon reaching the other end and passing beyond the door they discovered a group of vampires had slain their comrades and were now going to do the same to them.

Judus diffused the situation with his usual charm and silvered tongue. And found that the vampires were actually holy monks who thought they were protecting their monastery from diabolists. When the dust settled and the apologies had been exchanged the vampires flew the heroes as far as they could to the city of Tristan before being taken the rest of the way by Kezua.

Once in Tristan the heroes sought the aid of the High Cleric hoping he could resurrect their slain comrades before they awoke as vampires. The High Cleric agreed and performed the rituals, and when the time for payment came the heroes footed the bill to the King of Stormwall. The heroes then left as quickly as possible once the High Cleric began questioning them about the manner of their deaths.

Once back at the Vampire’s monastery the heroes equipped and began their journey into more ruined passageways on their way to stop the end of the world.

The death and resurrection process was not without its scars however. Azlia has been quiet and reserved ever since having been brought back.

Session 9
Shot Heard Around the World Part 4

After the defeat of the blue dragon the heroes noticed demonic runes upon its scales. Deciding to search its likely lair nearby; the heroes discovered that not only was this cave the Dragon’s lair but also home to a much larger female dragon and upon investigation found the Dragoness had been captured by the demons and forced to lay eggs for their sinister purposes.

The heroes engaged the demonic imp workmen and their infernal overseer. And in the ensuing battle the imp overseer escaped, however the rest of the imp workers had been destroyed. Once the battle had been ended the fate of the Dragoness was decided, and against unpopular decision the Dragoness was freed from her restraints and healed of her wounds. The ensuing meeting was tense and uneasy, but soon introductions were passed around and it was learned that the Dragoness’ name was Kezua and that she had been captured by the demons months ago and forced to lay eggs for their demonic rituals.

Kezua offered a shortcut into the tunnels the heroes were seeking as a thank you for saving her life, and before she set off to find a new lair Ziona offered to let her lair in Stormwall.

Session 8
Shot Heard Around the World Part 3

After the High Inquisitor left the heroes were finally able to meet with King Storm and Lord Vestius. They learned that the Grace, the leader of the Erothian Church, was dying; and that High Inquisitor Liana Tarian is a likely candidate for his replacement.

King Storm informed the heroes that she had used her magic to compel him to tell her the likely hiding place of the Machinists; King Storm stressed that she aimed to eradicate them herself, and that if she were able to succeed she would have little trouble convincing the High Priests of Eroth to vote her the next Grace.

With the city of Stormwall on lockdown and its armies unable to retaliate against the machinists, the heroes decided to engage the Machinists themselves and hopefully destroy them or at the very least their ability to wage war against the people of the world before the Inquisitor could, so as to keep her from becoming the next Grace. To this end they saddled up and headed to Tristan.

On the road to Tristan the heroes stopped at an Inn called the Rusty Nail and decided to rest there for one night before continuing their journey to Tristan. While at the Inn, Judus discovered that Tania was there and that she was fine; she had simply run away from them and Stormwall. He pleaded with her to forgive them for enslaving her and presented his case that it was simply to protect her from Lord Drenius and for no other reason. He was successful in doing so.

When the heroes finally reached Tristan they bought gear and began their journey into the Storm Peaks, and after a day’s journey through the mountains they were attacked by a Blue Dragon, who they surmised was guarding his lair. They easily bested the young dragon.

Session 7
Shot Heard Around the World Part 2

In the immediate aftermath of the attack on Stormwall the heroes set out to talk with the King, his words to them were to find out where the Machinists are; and let him know where to send his armies. To this end the heroes began scouring the sewers and tunnels beneath the city to see if they could find some Machinists who had been left behind in the retreat.

After a long tour through the tunnels the heroes eventually found their way out and into the country side where they encountered a group of Machinists who had taken a farmer family hostage and were holed up in their cabin.

After a brief try at diplomacy failed the heroes used their overwhelming force to defuse the situation and began interrogating the Machinists. They confirmed their belief that the Machinist base was somewhere in the Thunder Peaks, and discovered the true numbers and exact capabilities of the Machinists.

Upon returning to the King the heroes learned that the Keep and entire city of Stormwall were locked down. The heroes snuck into the keep and attempted to meet with the King but discovered that he had been in a meeting with the High Inquisitor.

With their attempted meeting with the king thwarted the Heroes then turned to the High Lord Vestius Nuralius, High Lord of Stormwall, and trusted friend of the king, to deliver their intelligence.

Session 6
Shot Heard Around the World Part 1

The heroes had barely recovered from the events that had transpired just one day before at the Orphanage; when during the night the City of Stormwall was attacked by an army of small folk utilizing high technology, in the form of clockwork powered armor, a colossal clockwork dragon, and firearms of all sorts.

As the colossal dragon began its rampage on the way to the keep, a giant illusionary image of a dwarf in very regal and authoritative vestments appeared and introduced himself as Captain Kolog Kendwheel, and that he was the leader of this army and that their faction was called the Machinists. He went on to state that he was searching for the Trigger Stone and that whomever turned it over would be spared the horribly painful death that he and his group were going to bring to the whole of Eroth, as they purged their oppressors from their future empire.

Judus produced the Trigger Stone from his haversack and informed the two new comers to the group of how it was obtained. Removing the object from its inter-dimensional pocket however allowed Machinist forces to pinpoint its location. Tania’s apartment was wracked by an explosion that caused the whole front façade of the building to collapse and dropped the group right at the feet of waiting Machinist forces.

After a brutal and almost lethal fight against a Machinist Clockwork Suit and snipers the heroes hid in an adjacent building as reinforcements arrived to finish them off. The main body of Machinist forces were stalled and eventually driven back by Lord Drenius and a well planned and lucky counter attack.

Once the Machinists had fled and the city lay in ruins the heroes searched in vain for their missing friend Tania and were eventually brought to the church where the High Inquisitor declared a holy war upon the small folk of Stormwall and began putting innocent survivors of the attack to death as she publicly interrogated them for any information. Many falsely confessed just to make the pain stop, but in the end were themselves killed, their words only further fueling the Inquisitor’s wrath. Before the day was over most of Stormwall’s small folk were either dead or in hiding.

Also that night the heroes were summoned to the Keep by King Storm where they were told the reason behind why he had chosen this location for Stormwall; and introduced to a massive underground complex that seemed to date back to times even before the Erothian Empire. The heroes used the ancient tomes and scrolls located in the ruin to piece together the ancient origins of the Machinists. From that information they were able to determine that the Machinists main base was likely somewhere in the Thunder Peaks.

Other Major Session Notes:

  • John and OX Beauregard were slain in the attack
  • Lord Drenius is now in a coma
  • Tania’s location is still a mystery.
Session 5
For the Children

The heroes decided that the Bard known as Azlia would be a perfect fit for their fledgling group and set about trying to recruit her. To this end the heroes ventured to the Glitterdust, an upscale strip club, in the heart of the Trade District of Stormwall where Azlia worked. Finding the collie lycan wasn’t hard, and gaining an audience with her wasn’t either, but it was expensive. After a lap dance Judas attempted to recruit her and at the mention of the word adventurer was quickly thrown from the club without any kind of explanation given.

Rather than give up; the heroes split up, one going to the Keep to get help from Ziona and the other followed Azlia home to convince her that they did not mean any harm, and that if given a chance they would prove themselves. Azlia agreed and gave them the task of working at a local orphanage for one week.

When the heroes arrived at the orphanage they encountered the ghost of Francesca who, eventually, informed them that the children had been kidnapped and that she had been killed by a Paladin and a group of female thugs.

The heroes informed Azlia of what had happened to her friend and after a moment of grief she joined the heroes in hunting down the culprits. This task led them to a tavern in the bad part of the Trade District looking for a group of all female non-citizen thugs called Erinys. Inside the tavern Ziona overturned a table and called out the Erinys members. And after the brawl had ended, Ziona stood victorious over the last conscious member of a group of ten. When questioned about the brutal murder and kidnapping the Erinys member confessed that she had not been part of the ordeal but that the group had done it, and that an Erinys captain named Anna Wistian had led the group, and where she could be found. Thanking the woman, the heroes paid her for her cooperation, only for Alzlia to break her neck when the other members of the group had passed out of view.

The heroes made their way to a warehouse owned by Anna and secretly entered it, only to find that Anna was inside with the Succubus that had led the demons that killed Montego, a child suckling from the Succubus, and a lamure. The heroes watched as the child seemed to age into a woman and sprout demon wings as she suckled from the Succubus, becoming one herself. Once the two Succubae left the heroes attacked and made quick work of Anna and her Lamure.

Contented that the spirit of her friend had been avenged and the souls of the children set free with the destruction of the lemure, Azlia pledged her whip to the group’s cause and joined their guild.

Session 4
Blood Donor

The heroes made their way from Corowere Outpost to a small fishing village where they battled with the Vampire Mist known as Xigxigoth. The battle left Ziona literally drained and barely able to stand. It was decided that the group would remain in the village to bury the dead and to allow Ziona to regain her strength before heading back to Stormwall.

Once back, King Storm kept his promise and sold Tania in a slave auction. The heroes and Drenius quickly drove the price through the roof, finnaly ending at a total of 20,001 gold pieces. And once more true to his word King Storm paid the gold.

Tania was branded and collared in accordance with slave law. The heroes did everything in their power to reassure Tania this was the only way to keep her alive while Drenius was around, and that they were not really her masters. Tania was hurt and angry at first but after a couple of days calmed down slightly and accepted it once she realized the heroes were not lying; and that aside from the collar and the brand she was still free to do as she wished.

The heroes then returned to the King and Ziona and asked her to join their soon to be new guild. Impressed by their ability to bring down an incredible foe in battle Ziona agreed to join their team.

Session 3
Tit for Tat, err, Tania

Quite a lot of story happened in this particular adventure. It had been six weeks since the slaying of the bugbear Brutus and the saving of the townspeople of Saddle. Utilizing their new citizenship the heroes began creating a new temple dedicated to Lessterash and studying up on the guilds and histories of both the world and Stormwall, respectively.

Tania had taken out a sizable loan from the bank in order to open up a small booth in a prime location in the trade district feeling confident that the heroes would continue to provide quality merchandise; Lord Drenius discovered that a commoner, and a non-citizen at that, had taken out a sizable loan; and when he arrived to investigate he found that not only had a street rat begun to get thoughts of grandeur but that she was backed by the heroes, whom he despises.

After being embarrassed by a member of his entourage the economic Lord found that it would be impossible to reclaim the money immediately. So instead he opted to simply kill the girl and take her belongings when John Beauregard and his brother Oxford Beauregard intervened. Outraged and vowing revenge Lord Drenius stormed off.

Later that day the heroes returned to the apartment only to find that Tania was not there, worry began to grow until they were escorted to the Keep by Oxford Beauregard by order of the king. Once at the keep the heroes were seated to a massive feast and began talking business with King Storm, who informed them that he had been quite impressed by their decision to decline Lord Drenius’ invitation to join his guild and that their fledgling career while humble was still honorable and impressive.

The King further explained that Tania had been thrown into the dungeon in order to protect her from an assassin hired by Lord Drenius. The King then asked that in return the heroes escort his daughter Ziona Storm on her pledge quest, so that he could keep her from being used as a pawn in Lord Drenius’ play for the crown. To sweeten the deal the King decreed that he would sell Tania on the slave market when the adventurers returned and in essence give them a “blank check” with which to buy her, so that from then on she would be their property and anything that happened to her would incur an investigation.

Accepting, the heroes set out with Ziona to Corowere Outpost along the northern boundary of The Veil. While journeying to the keep the heroes found a dead gnome who looked as though he had been bled dry, his corpse a dry husk. In the gnome’s possession was a small box that had ancient Erothian writing on it, which described the capture and containment of a being known as Xigxigoth.

Upon investigating the outpost it was discovered that the men stationed there had met the same fate as the gnome. It was also revealed by reading the captain’s logs that the men there had arrested a Dhampire and that he was going to be transported to Stormwall on the day the outpost went silent.

After searching the outpost it was discovered that the creature known as Xigxigoth was no longer in the outpost, and that it had likely moved on to greener pastures.

Other points of interest:
•Judus discovered that the Phoenix was a symbol of Vampire rule in the ancient Erothian Empire and that every vampire had one as either a pet or a status symbol, exactly what the connection was is unclear, but the connection is there, in fact the Ancient Erothian flag was of a red Phoenix on a black background.

Session 2
A Brute is Slain.

The heroes pursued the remaining goblin force from the town of Saddle and found that they had chased the villagers into an old temple of Lessterash. After fighting through the collapsing temple spareing what enemies would see reason the heroes finally made it to the main ritual chamber where they confronted the goblin leader Brutus, a large and aggressive Bugbear.

Once Brutus was slain the remaining goblins were given a chance to flee or die, and once the heroes had proven they were not going to trick them, the goblins chose to flee rather than die.

With the fighting over the heroes informed the townspeople that the goblins had indeed been defeated and that they could come out of their makeshift bunkers. Once safetly out of the locked rooms they had barricaded themselves in the townsfolk began conversing with the heroes, and in the process the heroes came to know Rita Tansten the sister of the girl who had given herself to King Storm as payment for sending forces to Saddle, informing them (the heroes) that the woman’s name was Leetha Tansten. The townsfolk also told the adventurers that the goblins were chasing them in order to obtain a stone that the town had been protecting since the time of the vampires, called the Trigger Stone. Not wishing anymore attacks the townsfolk eagerly passed it on to the heroes so that they might take its trouble’s elsewhere.

In a show of gratitude the people of Saddle sold the adventurers three horses at 100gp apiece, at cost to them, for saving them.

Upon returning with he head of Brutus the heroes obtained the citizenship they sought and found that the group who’s insignia is a Clockwork Phoenix was not a known Stormwall Guild.

Session 1
The Journey Begins

The players were rescued by Tania Lyanties, a merchant from Stormwall, who brought them to the city and helped nurse their wounds.

Unable to simply let his friend and fallen mentor rot into nothing Judus returned to the shipwreck to retrieve his mentor’s body. When he found his old mentor he discovered the Imps that had been on board had desecrated his body, and while cleaning the body and preparing it for transport Judus discovered two scrolls containing his and his friend’s recommendations for citizenship but they were unsigned.

The players spent most their initial time in the city traveling from one bureaucratic nightmare to another in an attempt to figure out who they could inform about the passing of their mentor Montego Arathian, and what they needed to do to become citizens. Before being sent to the Keep where they were told they could meet Montego’s old boss Lord Drenius Arkarian.

Once it was their turn to present their case to King Storm the players were quickly silenced by Lord Drenius who did not want them mentioning demons in the presence of the High Inquisitor Liana Tarina. After a brief rundown with their mentor’s old boss about what had happened he promised he would take care of the body and the estate. The heroes then returned to King Storm’s presence and requested citizenship providing their unsigned papers as proof they had a sponsor.

King Storm decreed that without a signed letter or a benefactor present there was nothing he could do. When a woman behind the heroes burst forth and demanded that she not wait any longer for an audience. She claimed that her people were being attacked by goblins and that as allies of Stormwall the king should help. The King responded with a propostion; she marry him and he would send aid since their alliance was not worth the cost it would take to send troops, and her people could not offer enough to cover it. The woman agreed and King Storm sent the heroes, giving them the money the woman had offered as payment.

Lord Drenius then offered the players a chance to join his guild in exchange for a great deal of all their earnings from that point onward. The players rejected his offer, and he became quite angry stating they would not last long without his help.

The players then made their way back to Tania’s shop and equipped themselves for the journey. Borrowing her donkey and cart they made their way to Saddle and after a tough fight killed a dwarf who seemed to be commanding a small group of goblins who were ransacking the town looking for some sort of stone while the main body of the goblins had apparently chased the townspeople away.


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