Session 8

Shot Heard Around the World Part 3

After the High Inquisitor left the heroes were finally able to meet with King Storm and Lord Vestius. They learned that the Grace, the leader of the Erothian Church, was dying; and that High Inquisitor Liana Tarian is a likely candidate for his replacement.

King Storm informed the heroes that she had used her magic to compel him to tell her the likely hiding place of the Machinists; King Storm stressed that she aimed to eradicate them herself, and that if she were able to succeed she would have little trouble convincing the High Priests of Eroth to vote her the next Grace.

With the city of Stormwall on lockdown and its armies unable to retaliate against the machinists, the heroes decided to engage the Machinists themselves and hopefully destroy them or at the very least their ability to wage war against the people of the world before the Inquisitor could, so as to keep her from becoming the next Grace. To this end they saddled up and headed to Tristan.

On the road to Tristan the heroes stopped at an Inn called the Rusty Nail and decided to rest there for one night before continuing their journey to Tristan. While at the Inn, Judus discovered that Tania was there and that she was fine; she had simply run away from them and Stormwall. He pleaded with her to forgive them for enslaving her and presented his case that it was simply to protect her from Lord Drenius and for no other reason. He was successful in doing so.

When the heroes finally reached Tristan they bought gear and began their journey into the Storm Peaks, and after a day’s journey through the mountains they were attacked by a Blue Dragon, who they surmised was guarding his lair. They easily bested the young dragon.



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