Session 9

Shot Heard Around the World Part 4

After the defeat of the blue dragon the heroes noticed demonic runes upon its scales. Deciding to search its likely lair nearby; the heroes discovered that not only was this cave the Dragon’s lair but also home to a much larger female dragon and upon investigation found the Dragoness had been captured by the demons and forced to lay eggs for their sinister purposes.

The heroes engaged the demonic imp workmen and their infernal overseer. And in the ensuing battle the imp overseer escaped, however the rest of the imp workers had been destroyed. Once the battle had been ended the fate of the Dragoness was decided, and against unpopular decision the Dragoness was freed from her restraints and healed of her wounds. The ensuing meeting was tense and uneasy, but soon introductions were passed around and it was learned that the Dragoness’ name was Kezua and that she had been captured by the demons months ago and forced to lay eggs for their demonic rituals.

Kezua offered a shortcut into the tunnels the heroes were seeking as a thank you for saving her life, and before she set off to find a new lair Ziona offered to let her lair in Stormwall.



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