High Inquisitor Liana Tarian

High Inquisitor of Stormwall


Age: 32


Easily the most dangerous person in Stormwall the High Inquisitor takes her orders from Calist alone and has authority that supersedes even King Storm.

Liana is an extremely accomplished member of the clergy, and renowned warrior. She has had many successes as both a general and a soldier on the battle fields of the crusades and has even been given the whip that was used to flog the oracle, Sin Licker, as her personal weapon.

Because of her accomplishments Liana was placed in Stormwall by the authority of the Church in Calist with the intent to root out evil and keep the rogue mercenary King in line. What happened were mass slaughters and public torture shows in the name of the Oracle.

Liana is a sadist through and through. Merciless and unrepentant she often brags that she “loves her job.” Stomping out ‘so called’ evil is a passion of hers, bordering on bloodlust. Every now and again something will trigger in her and she will begin rounding up whole groups of people, citizen and street rat alike, and torturing them en-mass until she gets someone to confess to just about anything she wants, giving her the authority to call in the Templars and begin a witch-hunt. The worst one literally had the streets of Stormwall run red with the blood of the dead until the Inquisitors from Calist intervened and declared the evil vanquished.

Absolutely everyone in Stormwall fears High Inquisitor Liana. And they do so for a good reason.


High Inquisitor Liana Tarian

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